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JIRS Collaborates with I Am A Teacher (IAAT)

23 Nov 2022

In keeping with the school's vision of developing a multi-dimensional approach for school improvement and adopting the best teaching and learning practices, the school has taken on board a leading teacher development organisation called I Am A Teacher. I Am A Teacher (IAAT) was founded in 2014 by Harvard and Cambridge Universities alumni to offer an alternative model of excellence in teacher education and school leadership through relevant and rigorous practice-based programmes. The vision of the organisation is to transform education by preparing a critical mass of teachers who lead change in and through classrooms. IAAT has led multiple in-service teacher development programmes for many reputed schools across the country in pursuit of this vision.

IAAT's association with JIRS will be a comprehensive and long-term one, panning across multiple aspects of the learning and teaching environment with the aim to unlock the potential of its students and help them achieve their best. The school's leadership and teachers have committed to challenging themselves through and beyond this development opportunity to bring the best practices and the best of themselves into their classrooms. Hoping to take the school to greater heights through this collaboration with I Am A Teacher.

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