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IBDP Year 2 CAS Trip 2023

14 Mar 2024
IBDP Year 2 CAS Trip 2023

IBDP Year 2 CAS Trip

Our IBDP Year 2 students had an incredible time on their 5 days, 4-night CAS trip to South Karnataka.

Day 1

Namdroling Monastery (Golden Temple), in Bylakuppe, Mysore district,  Coorg Nisty plantations and then Exploring the Agro Wonders, the adventure continued as our students visited a Cashew factory. Further, they dived into the world of Beekeeping and explored a Honey Processing Unit. It was fascinating to witness the entire journey from farm to table, gaining a deeper appreciation for the hard work and dedication behind these everyday products.

Day 2

Visit to the magnificent Bekal fort, the captivating St Aloysius Chapel and Aloysius Museum and the picturesque Sasihitlu Beach.

Day 3

The scenic surroundings in Padubidri with an adrenaline-pumping Kayaking session and historic Kaup Beach Lighthouse. They savoured the flavours of local cuisine in a traditional plantain leaf lunch delight and mesmerising performance of Chikkamela Yakshagana! Our students had the privilege of meeting the Additional Deputy Commissioner at the DC office, Rajatadri in Manipal. They gained valuable insights into district administration, governance, and the intricate workings of local authorities

Day 4

The majestic Murudeshwara Temple and the splendid Yana Caves, where they not only marvelled at nature's wonders but actively contributed by picking up trash as part of CAS activity, embodying the spirit of service.

Day 5

The final day of the CAS trip was an enriching learning experience as our students delved into history at the awe-inspiring Chitradurga Fort where they learned about the fascinating story behind its construction, gaining a deeper appreciation for our rich heritage.

The 5-day trip came to an end with everlasting memories and learning experiences that showcased a true Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) spirit among our students.

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