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What Makes JIRS a Truly Global School?

Internationally recognized Curriculum

As Bengaluru’s reputed international residential school serving applicants from pan India and the world, we are flexible to accommodate your requirements. Hence, we welcome applications from students round the year subject to seat availability.

International Accreditation

JIRS has inked 4 global academic tie-ups with prominent international schools i.e. Kalinda Primary School, Melbourne, Australia, CJD International School, Braunschweig, Germany, YANE MUN, China, and Learning Real International, Nepal under exchange, summer collaborative, and MUN programs to provide international exposure

International students from 25 countries

As JIRS students make their way between classes each day, our hallways ring with greetings of students from around 25 countries, providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet, learn alongside, and befriend students from around the world.

Become bilingual with an international focus - our curriculum focuses on creating an international network

Learning international languages like French or Spanish leads our Cambridge International & IB Diploma students to a more flexible way of thinking. Students are immersed in another culture and become comfortable with themselves and respectful of others. They acquire the ability to adapt - an essential trait in a fast-moving world.

Global Music and Arts

JIRS promotes creative thinking and artistic expression among its students. The school allows students to unleash their imagination, and gain exposure in global music, visual arts, and culture in addition to receiving certification programs from the Trinity College of London. JIRS inspires confident, creative global citizens who have a thirst for knowledge and a vision to improve the world for the better. JIRS facilitates prominent platforms like Model United Nations and Harvard Model Congress for students to learn global issues and gain competitive advantages in an increasingly interconnected world.

Placement at prominent global universities

JIRS prepares its students for further education in the world’s most sought-after universities and colleges such as Oxford, Cambridge, Singapore University, Harvard, Yale many more in the west and east. Many of our students have earned scholarships in the field of medicine, engineering, business management, sports through their academic and individual excellence which have helped JIRS earn a reputation of credibility and merit.

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