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Children's Day 2023

14 Mar 2024
Children's Day 2023

An Extravagant Celebration of Children’s Day at JIRS!

The halls of JIRS echoed with joy and jubilation as we commemorated Children's Day in grandeur.  The campus was alive with the infectious energy of our students, creating an atmosphere of sheer delight. Our dedicated teachers and staff orchestrated a vibrant and memorable event for the young ones.

The festivities commenced with students of all grades receiving a warm welcome on the red carpet, adorned with flowers, and cards, and accompanied by delightful music and refreshments. A delectable brunch followed, leaving everyone with a taste of pure indulgence.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the evening unfolded with captivating performances, including skits, dance numbers, and lively music, all skilfully presented by our faculties across all departments.

The students dressed up for the Costume party, the air was filled with boundless excitement and unbridled joy, creating an unforgettable experience for all. The festivities reached their zenith with a splendid gala dinner, marking the perfect conclusion to this joyous celebration.

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