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Investiture Ceremony 2019

29 Jul 2019
Investiture Ceremony 2019

The Investiture Ceremony of Jain International Residential School for the academic session 2019-2020 was held with great pomp and dignity on 11 July 2019. The event was presided over by Col. (Retd). T. N. C. Vijayasarathy, an accomplished Infantry Officer who served the Indian Army for close to 30 years.

The ceremony was conducted with a high degree of earnestness and passion. The Investiture ceremony signifies the reliance and confidence that the school consigns in the newly invested office bearers. It commenced with the ceremonial parade followed by the handing over of the mantle by the old student council members to the newly elected student council members. Donning the mantle of accountability, the latter also pledged to bestow their duties to the best of their abilities. They were conferred with badges and sashes by honorable Chief Guest Col. (Retd). T. N. C. Vijayasarathy.

The speech given by him inspired and motivated the students and teachers. In his speech, he appreciated the minutest of the efforts put in by the students and staff to make this event a grand success. He mentioned that the parade that he inspected and subsequently took salute from was of a well - rehearsed and coordinated event during which he could see and feel the pride of being a student of JIRS in the eyes of every student participant. He encouraged them to keep the pride of being a student of JIRS always in mind and conduct themselves, whether under supervision or not, in a manner that befits the higher standards of the Jain Group of Institutions. He appreciated the Band by saying that the Band played the marching tunes flawlessly and injected life into the parade transforming the atmosphere into a military one. He appreciated each musician of the band and the stylish Band Master.

His appreciation towards all the outgoing Student Council members for the job well done while in office was very evident. He conveyed that he expects the outgoing Student Council members to share their experiences and working styles with the new Council members. He advised them to be mentors to the newly elected office bearers and gladly pass on their team’s legacy to the new team. He congratulated the new members of the Student Council for being elected. He mentioned to the new Council Members that since they are inexperienced and lack comprehension about the new responsibility that they have taken upon themselves, they should without hesitation draw from the experience of the outgoing team. He instilled confidence in them by saying that he is sure that with their commitment and diligence they would meet their challenges well and square. He also wished them good luck.

He said that he was impressed by the well written script of the commentary for the programme and the professional way it was delivered by the MCs.

He shared his life experiences and life lessons so that the students could benefit from his experience. Firstly, he advised them to strive to achieve excellence in everything they do. He said that it is one of the best ways to empower themselves. He also insisted that excellence is not divorced from good living. He concluded this point by saying that before the students do anything they should question themselves if what they are about to do meets the larger good.

Secondly, he said that individuals are what they repeatedly do. Hence, excellence is not an act but a way of life. In other words, habits are the way individuals think, speak and act. He cautioned the students to choose, form, practice good habits and review their present habits.

Thirdly, he cautioned the students by saying that if they continued to do what they are doing, in the same manner, repeating day after day then they will continue to be where they are today. But, if they are ambitious, desirous of performing better, achieving greater heights in their lives then they need to look into their habits, attitude, skill and knowledge.

Fourthly, he stated that if the students want to have something that they haven’t had before, with reference of their future goals, then they must do things that they haven’t done before. So he guided them to constantly think, innovate and change.

And lastly, he reiterated that one must work hard and enjoy life. To enjoy life one must not complicate life. He compared life to wearing a shirt. He said that life is as simple as wearing a shirt. When we get the first button right, all the buttons fall in the right place. If we don’t, then we will come to know that we are not right only when we get to the very end. Therefore, he guided the students to be awake and alert and get the first button right; get the first day right; get the first act of the day right; and then everything will fall in place. The ceremony concluded with the National Anthem.


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