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JIRS – MUN "Model United Nations 3.0"

19 Nov 2018

JIRS organized Model United Nations (MUN 3.0) from 13 to 15 November 2018. The event is one of the most happening and productive activities among teenagers and young adults. Driven by the motto of holistic development and unity in diversity, were privileged to host the third edition of their own MUN conference series, JIRS MUN 3.0.

The theme of this MUN – Let’s Get Better Together (LGBT), was widely celebrated in session’s fun-filled three-day assortment. The chief guest of the event was Shree Gauri Sawanthji, a social activist who is been working 16 years down the line with a team of 150 workers to promote safe sex and provide counseling to transgender from the Mumbai suburbs. She also became the first person to file a petition against the NALSA. With her buoyant confidence and heart-touching words, addressed the students about the state of the LGBT community in India and the necessity to help the issue. She ended her heart-rending and get-you-tear-eyed talk with just one thing, that she wants everyone to preach and follow, “Nature has every color, so play with all of them”.

The Director-General, Mr. Nikunj Agarwal and the Secretary-General, Mr. Naman Vankadari guided the three days of the conference with diligence and enthusiasm and were an embodiment of the motivation and energy that everyone craved. Their optimism was contagious and pep talks remained an inspiration.

There were three sessions on the day and each session had hot debates. The delegates attended the conference from the Bangalore circuit and were also privileged to receive a few recruits from Mumbai and Pune. The competition was between all ages, the committees consisted of 7th graders as well as college graduates engaging in debate and discussions. The Press Conference, famously called the PressCon, was held by the small, yet powerful committee of all, the InternationalPress Corps (IPC). Most of the delegates of the committees were pressed and questioned by the International Press and was undoubtedly the most challenging part of the whole session. This remains to be the most happening and awaited moment that every delegate wanted to witness and experience. Each committee was obligated to submit a draft resolution that would decide the stance of the committee. The other parameters were the delegate’s contribution to the committee’s crisis, behavior and discipline, evasive and pragmatic responses made by the delegates.

The third day ended with the closing ceremony where the chief guest was Mr. Jacob Chacko, a practicing architect who has completed over 1000 daunting projects and a member of various non-governmental organizations. He is also the founder of SANMAN, a charitable trust that deals with underprivileged children who suffer from horrifying diseases, including cancer. He enthralled all the delegates as well as the faculty members as he shared his experience with the cancer patients and all his humane endeavors.

The winners were given many titles including verbal mentions, commendable delegate, and the best delegate. These awards represented the diplomacy, articulacy, and leadership of a delegate.

The winners of the event are:

Continuous Crisis Committee:
Rudransh Kedia as the Commendable Delegate for the People’s Republic of China

World Trade Organization:
Sayam Suram as the Honorable Delegate for India
Dhruvi Lunker as the Commendable Delegate for Belgium
Bhakti Jain and Akanksha as Special Mentions for the USA and Germany respectively

Madhukshara as the Honorable Delegate for Republic of Korea
Dhruv Bohra as the Commendable Delegate for the People’s Republic of China
Ishita as a Special Mention for Pakistan

Anshul Jain as the Commendable Delegate for the USA

Tusshar Malhotra as the Commendable Delegate for Russia.
Ahmed Sardaria as a Special Mention for Republic of Korea.

Sanskar Chakravarty as the Commendable Delegate for the UK.
Kshitj Kedia as a Special Mention for Saudi Arabia.

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