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Top 7 Reasons to Study in an International Residential School
Mar, 12 2021

A parent’s greatest concern is their child’s education because that is what plays a great role in shaping their future, and sending a child to an International residential school gives an extra edge.

A residential school provides a favorable learning environment for the holistic development of the child be it in academics, sports or an overall personality development, it prepares them for a rapidly changing socio-economic environment especially by following a value-based education system along with international curriculum. In residential school children becomes a part of an independent environment helping them to be leaders, better decision makers and responsible citizens.  

One such truly global best residential school in India is Jain International Residential School (JIRS). A co-educational, international residential school that sets the highest benchmark for academic achievement, intellectual growth, ethical awareness, compassionate behavior, sportsmanship and other good qualities that are needed to mold a child.

So let us explore 7 advantages of studying in International a residential school

  1. Self-Reliance- An International residential school provides an independent environment for learning, where children learn to manage their own time, assignments, and daily chores. This self-reliant behavior will prepare them in the long run for college and university to develop an independent mindset. 
  1. Cultural Diversity- A residential school, especially in a top international residential school like JIRS with a global reach and impact, bring together and connect students from different parts of the world. This enables the students to respect and learn about different cultures, co-exist amicably and even learning of new language takes place as a result of friendships which they form. 
  1. Facing New Challenges- A child studying in an International residential school will be faced with a lot of opportunities which may prove challenging to the student at times. From learning a new language like German, French or Spanish to learning a new musical instrument for the school band, the child can opt to participate in any of these activities. JIRS also engages children in various other platforms like the Duke of Edinburgh Leadership Programme, Gavel’s Toastmasters Club, Theatre, Model United Nations, Harvard Model Congress, Student Exchange Programs, International Education Tours, Trekking and Adventure Camps.
  1. Ability to adapt quickly -It is seen that a student who has been brought up in a residential school can quickly adapt to any given new environment. They learn to adjust to the new settings by making friends, joining sports, engaging in elocution, book clubs, thus keeping themselves occupied. They gradually accept the challenge of staying away from home and these challenges help them in coping with changes in their later life. They develop an attitude and confidence to be self-dependent which gets embedded in their lifestyle. 
  1. Academic Excellence- Being one of the best residential schools in India, the academic support a child receives in JIRS gives them an edge over normal schools. In JIRS students receive in-depth learning giving them a broader perspective of knowledge. An experienced teaching staff housed within the campus makes it easy for the students to approach them. This has resulted in increased interactivity, group discussion, a strong bonding and respect for teachers. 
  1. Specialized sports training opportunities: In a residential school students come across ample co-curricular activities, and sports is one of the main activities that foster fitness and instills camaraderie spirit within them. JIRS is a top international residential schools for sports in India, it has a specialized sport academy (JASE) with around 40 highly experienced trainers who impart professional coaching to students. Students will find squash, golf, equestrian, ten-pin bowling facility, apart from popular games such as cricket, football, basketball, and tennis to enhance their athletic passions. 
  1. Students Exchange Programs- JIRS encourages and provides numerous opportunities to be a part of educational student exchange programs to countries like Germany, Australia, and many. 

It has been embedded in the roots of Indian history and culture, where residential schools have been glorified as Gurukulas, thus keeping in conjunction with the modern age adaption the families that send their children to International Residential Schools like JIRS has the best prospect for their kids to become the future leaders of tomorrow.

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