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Afflatus 2023

14 Mar 2024
Afflatus 2023

The 24th Annual Day of JIRS "Afflatus 2023" was an extravaganza of Art, Music, Dance, Drama, and intellectual exhibitions that showcased the creative talents of our students, leaving the parents awe-inspiring.

The event showcased a variety of engaging activities in six different venues within the JGI campus. While the Theory of Knowledge and Vigyaan, the science exhibition showcased the critical thinking and innovation of our students, the craft exhibition, mehendi, an art gallery with 3D and mandala live was a testament to creativity and craftsmanship. “Ashmitha” the theatre shows and street plays, “Suranjali” Music show, “Nrityanjali”-  the dance forms and the students’ flashmob truly illuminated the event, fostering an atmosphere of shared learning and meaningful engagement. Students from various grades presented a mesmerising array of performances.

Parents rejoiced along with their children in the fun indigenous games, masterchef, bake and sale, and culinary activities. While “Parvarish” the counselling centre tied up with the right parenting tips and students’ well-being, the academic gala- Forum, Vortex, Inferno, Global perspectives, I Spy Hope and the Kaushalya showcased the outcome of skill development and experiential learning programmes. The meticulously curated programme not only highlighted the artistic prowess of the students but also underscored the school’s emphasis on providing holistic education.

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