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First-year IBDP Students Excelled in CAS Activity

29 Sep 2022
First-year IBDP Students Excelled in CAS Activity

'Education is one of the best gifts one can share.'

On 29th September 2022, IBDP first-year students of Jain International Residential School participated in a CAS experience activity. The activity was associated with the service strand of the CAS. The purpose of CAS is to make students lifelong learners, and this act of service would help them to contribute to society. As a part of the activity, students taught spoken English to a group of Sodexo housekeeping staff. Assisting them in enhancing their communication skills will generate confidence, self-reliance, and efficiency.

Around ten employees from housekeeping participated in it. It had two sessions. In the first session, students gave them lessons on how to greet while making it interesting by playing a game. In the second session, candidates learnt simple conversation skills to interact with the guests. There are 15 modules designed for them. Each module will be of one hour. One batch of six students will be teaching two modules. During the activity, the students were cordial and showcased excellent leadership qualities and compassion toward each candidate. Teaching spoken English also help students to improve their interpersonal skills and develops them holistically. 

The school is proud of you for your wonderful show. Kudos!

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