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Poster Making Competition 2019

07 Aug 2019
Poster Making Competition 2019

An inter - house poster making competition was conducted at Jain International Residential School on 15 July 2019. The students were very enthusiastic. The main objective of the event was to engross the hidden talent of the students. The students showed cased their abilities through art by expressing their emotions.

In the junior school category, i.e., from grades IV to IX, the first position was awarded to Buddha house which comprised of Miss. Anushka Mohanty, Miss Saanvi Singh, Miss. Antra Raj, Miss. Kibriya Yasmin Ullah, Master Shiven Panchamia and Master Ram Agarwal. Mahaveera house came in the second position. The participants from this house were Miss. Lishika. S, Miss. Kesar, Miss. Sarayu Desu, Miss. Tarani. R, Miss. Shristi, Master Lijesh. C and Master Parth Poddar. Meera house stood at the third position with Miss. Kundan Sravani, Miss. Prerana Shyam Chabria, Miss. Mahi Gupta, Master S. N. Gokul, Master Parag Mulchandani and Master Dayakar. M as its participants.

In the senior school category, i.e., from grades X to XII, the first position was shared by Mahaveera and Shankara houses. The participants from Mahaveera house were Miss. Rozal Makkad, Miss. Hanisha Bagrecha, Miss. Bhakti Maloo, Miss. Aditi Kankariya, Miss. Siddhi Harlanka and Master Dhruv Tulsiani, and from Shankara house were Miss. Roshni Pathak, Miss. Yashvi, Master Dhwanit Pradeep Jain, Master Sarthak Sachdev, Master Sushil Rajpurohit and Master Shrenik Bamki. Meera house came in the second position. The participants from this house were Miss. Jilna Samir Manek, Miss. Darshita Ravikumar, Miss. Jahal Ahir, Miss. Nimisha Bajaj, Master Ayush Bhavanasi and Master Keshav Agarwal. Buddha house stood at the third position with Miss. Hemika Borkhataria, Miss. Sreeya Anjana Raj Kantubuktha, Miss. Ishita Agarwal, Miss. Subhasri Pani, Master Vansh Bhandari, Master Chowdari Suneeth Shankar Patnaik and Master Naman Choudhary as its participants.


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